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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Realistic Movie...well, kinda...

So after all that's happened with my pregnancy, I've thought to myself lately, "Why in the world don't they show this in movies? know, the hard, sad situations." After all, before I became pregnant, I had no idea how unnerving the whole experience would be. I always thought it'd be this glorious, all-is-well, on cloud nine all the time experience. Not to say it's not glorious when you're pregnant - it's an absolute miracle, that's for sure. But I had no idea the fears that would go through my head. I'm just saying that it seems like nobody ever depicts the bad or sad experiences of many women that lose their baby or that have a baby who's deformed or mentally handicapped. But I guess that's what movies are for right? We already live in reality so who wants to pay to watch it?

Anyway, we had a subscription to Blockbuster online (which I recently canceled because I ran out of movies I wanted to see and during football season, we don't have much time to watch movies together). Before canceling, I got my last free in-store exchange and found "Then She Found Me". I'd never heard of it before but it looked like a good chick-flick and since Septtro doesn't like watching chick-flicks, I thought I'd watch it by myself. So I did. I watched it last evening while Septtro was outside doing yardwork. Little did I know how close it would hit home. In the movie, April (Helen Hunt - who, by the way, has aged quite a bit since "What Women Want") goes for an ultrasound after learning she is pregnant. The baby is way too big for her to be about 6 weeks and they perform the ultrasound on her tummy which they wouldn't do but anyway....they see the heartbeat and are thrilled. Then, on her 10-week apointment, they go back. The tech is very quiet. She notices something is wrong and the doctor delivers the bad news: they don't see a heartbeat anymore. Wow...ok...down to the very week when we found out the news - very similar situation. Initially, watching, I teared up a little but after Septtro came in from outside, I lost it.

I've decided it's okay for movies to be unrealistic. There you go, Hollywood - you have my permission now...go ahead with portraying pregnancy and the road there as pie in the sky. It's a lot more entertaining and a lot less sad. Be careful what you wish for right?

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