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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suka Update

Well our decision was kind of made for us. Late yesterday afternoon, I spoke with the nurse at the vet's office. She said Suka's normal doctor looked at the sample taken Friday and also thought it should be removed. I started asking about waiting a few weeks and the nurse said she didn't really see a point but that sometimes it would take a few weeks to get her scheduled for the procedure anyway so we could keep an eye on it up until then. So I was thinking I'd have to wait several weeks to even find out what this all was but then the nurse said she had a cancelation and Suka could go in this Wednesday - tomorrow. So that's the plan. I will take her in between 8:00a.m. and 8:30a.m. and she should be the first one of the day.

I'm obviously nervous about the whole thing. She already detests the vet's office and I know she'll be so frightened. But they assured me she'll be looked after very well and I know that's true. She should be able to come home tomorrow evening but it all depends on how quickly she wakes up from the anesthesia. I certainly hope she doesn't have to spend the night. She won't know what to do without her futon, duvet, and body pillow. :)

I'm doing better with my thoughts - knowing God is in control...of everything...even these things that many think to be so small and minor. I'm so thankful for the peace He gives.