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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Summer Pictures

Suka is a good sport...she's growing up so fast. This was an article of clothing I decided to give to Goodwill. But before doing so, we thought we'd have a little fun.

Septtro and I took a small vacation to Atlanta, Georgia at the end of June. We visited the Georgia Aquarium (not that impressive), the New World of Coca-Cola, and Stone Mountain. This is at the New World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. I realized I will stick to the flavors of Coca Cola that I know and love - pretty much all of the international flavors are disgusting.

I find beluga whales quite fascinating.

This was at the top of Stone Mountain. You could see downtown Atlanta from the top - it's quite a hike!

This picture makes me so proud! :) Septtro played in a volleyball tournament in Columbia last weekend - one I normally play in as well but sat out due to lil Peanut. Anyway, his team didn't win but he played very well!


Lorren said...

Yea! Another update!! I wasn't expecting one til your next Dr. appointment! This is so much fun- you having a blog. Keep on updating!

Jan said...

Look I am commenting. Are you impressed? !

Christie Kauffman said...

Um...I don't know if Suka is the type of dog that we want Lily to associate with...she walks around in her undergarments??....tsk tsk. ;) Jus kiddin! Hope lil peanut is doing well :).

josh said...

looks great but please keep it "G" for the kiddos! Love you guys! Praying for ya.

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

The pictures are great. I love Suka strutting around the house in her undergarments, my kinda girl!