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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Suka Baby

This is my favorite picture of Suka. It looks like she's smiling and I love it.

Suka went to the vet Friday afternoon. We found a small growth on her back almost two weeks ago. The vet said it looked like a wart but tested it anyway. Turns out, there were some abnormalities. She recommended we have it removed. There's no way to know exactly what it is. It could be nothing. But I can't help but worry that it's know, the "c" word. And if it is, can we afford to go down that road? She's only three years old. I didn't expect to have to even think about this kind of stuff at this point.

The vet said it can happen to any breed of dog at any time, and most of the time it's not anything serious. She said it had some characteristics of a growth young dogs get that will, most of the time, go away on their own. But because we don't know for sure, she recommended we get it removed - and then sent off for testing to determine exactly what it is. Although (and here's the tough part), she said she wouldn't feel uncomfortable waiting a few weeks to see what happened. So Septtro and I are left with a decision to make. Do we go ahead and have it removed even though it's nothing or do we wait a few weeks? My question is, if we wait a few weeks and nothing has changed, then what? Do we still get it removed? If so, I'd rather just do it now. I've called the vet to get some more questions answered and Septtro and I will talk about it more tonight.

I know some people might say, "She's just a dog" but this truly is my baby. Even though I've got lil Peanut, I can't imagine treating Suka any differently once the baby is here. She truly is part of the family. I love her cuddles and the way she always wants to please us. And I love how she sits at the side of the bed and whimpers to ask if she can come up, and how she begs us not to give her a bath when he collar gets taken off.

As silly as it may sound, this is yet another thing I will have to trust God about. I've heard people say before that God doesn't care about animals. When somebody in school would request prayer for their animal, some would think that was the most ridiculous thing ever. I believe God does care about His creation, including animals. But more importantly, I think He cares about how I react in this situation. He can use anything to help refine His image in my life. I'm hoping and praying that Suka will be ok. I know I always think the worst. Again, this could be nothing. But no matter what, I know God is good. I can't worry about what might be - I just need to remember what I know to be true.


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

Aw, girl! I'm praying for you! I know what a hard decision that has to be. Tucker is our baby, and still is, but I will admit, he is a lower priority. But I would still do everything I could to take care of him! And... love Suka now, your quality time with her may diminish a bit in the coming months.

Last Paradise said...

Hey Susan! This is Abby, Jo and Lorren's cousin :) I remember hanging out with you at the Kruithof's house when we'd visit:) I just discovered your blov via Jojo's and wanted to say hi and congrats on your lil' peanut! I hope everything turns out well for your sweet pooch too, I know too well how hard animal sickness can be.

Jan said...

Yes, God is good and made a great gift in the companionship of dogs. They remind me of how zealously we should be to worship God. Suka in some respects rebukes me with her God-given devotion to her owners no matter what her circumstances. She is His wonderful creation and lesson for His glory. May He gain all the glory and praise as He uses this to reflect more of Himself in your life.
I love you