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Monday, September 30, 2013

How a Human Hair Became Dangerous

A few weeks ago, I was nursing Logann and I noticed her thumb looked very puffy, and red, and weird.  I compared it to her other thumb and quickly became quite concerned.  

I happen to be texting my friend, whose husband is a doctor, at the time.  I sent her a picture of her thumb.  Her husband wasn't available to look right away but she agreed it seemed the circulation was being cut off.  

Then I noticed a hair was wrapped very tightly around her thumb.  I tried unraveling it but it didn't make a difference in the appearance of her thumb.  I started to panic.  I remember hearing about a little boy whose toe got wrapped up in a thread from his footie pjs and had to have his toe amputated.  All I could think of was that story.  

It was so tightly wrapped around her thumb I couldn't seem to get underneath it to get it completely off.  I called Septtro crying and he said to just take her to the doctor.  Before I started to get ready I ran water over it to try to loosen it.  Somehow, by God's goodness, that loosened it and I was able to unravel it.  It was obvious that was the problem because almost immediately, the swelling began to go down and normal color returned.  

My friend's husband told me how to test to make sure circulation was back to normal - pinching the top of the finger...if it turned white then quickly returned red then all was well.  Hers did that so it seemed she was fine.  I did take her by my mom's school to let the nurse take a look too - just for peace of mind.  

A week later, you could still see the line on her thumb where the hair had cut into her skin.  

Of course, I felt terrible!  But who would have thought a hair, of all things, could be so dangerous?!  I don't think I could have wrapped a hair around her finger like that if I tried - one of those freak things that happen sometimes.  I have no idea how long it was like that but I'm SO thankful the Lord allowed me to notice it when I did.  

Now I'm constantly unwrapping these sweet little fingers to make sure they are free of tangled hair.  :)

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