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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Her Name - Logann Apikaila

We had Logann's name picked out months ago - much better improvement over when we named Kaylee just hours before leaving the hospital. :) 

Both Rilynn and Kaylee's names have family significance behind them.  So I wanted our third girl name to be no different.  

**Rilynn came from us liking the name Ryan for a girl. But we didn't know how else to spell it to make it feminine.  So we thought maybe Ryan Lynn (Lynnette is my middle name).  Then we combined it to Rilynn.

**Kaylee came from us just liking names that started with the letter "K".  And Kay is a middle name of girls on my dad's side.  Lee is my dad's middle name. 

I like the name Logan.  I think it's cute.  I haven't really heard it used for a girl except for a professional volleyball player named Logan Tom.  (I like her and she plays volleyball so that was a plus).  :)

But again, I didn't want to spell it the same because I wanted to make it more feminine.  I found out that Ann was a name on my mom's side.  And Ann means grace/gracious/full of grace.  And Grace is the name of my great grandmother on my mom's side who was an exceptional woman of God.  

For her middle name, we knew we wanted a Samoan name.  We both liked the name Abigail. It means "my father's joy" or "joy of the father".  I liked this both because I hope and pray Logann grows up to honor her heavenly Father but also because Septtro is such a great daddy to his girls and they really are his joy.  So Apikaila is Abigail in Samoan.  

Logann Apikaila. 

Perfect. :)


Kari said...

So stinking cute!!!

Hepners Blog said...

I love her name!!! AND she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!