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Friday, August 9, 2013

41 Weeks and Still Cookin

I never thought I'd make it to 41 weeks with this baby.  I've had a very emotional several days.  I realized I was being fearful of many aspects of the labor and delivery.  And I was worrying about what would happen if I **still** hadn't had the baby by _________.  As much as I know God's grace doesn't exist for the "what ifs", I like to live there a lot.

Then I found some verses.  And I cried out to the Lord for His peace - and for Him to increase my trust.  He has the best plan of them all.  And He is trustworthy!

Wednesday evening I asked if Septtro and I could pray together.  Afterwards we talked for a while before going to sleep.  I could feel the stress leaving.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon.  It went well.  Baby and I are doing great.  I will go back Monday if I haven't had a baby yet to do a nonstress test and check fluid levels via ultrasound.  I'm at peace with having that done - but hoping we will have a baby before then.

Last night I thought may be the night we would meet this baby.  I had a lot of regular and strong contractions.  But they didn't last.  The Lord has changed my heart and attitude.  I know it will be soon.  And I'm really ready now.  I'm ready mentally and spiritually....just have to wait on the physical part and we will have a baby!  :)

While on a walk the other night with my almost-four-year-old, I told her Mommy was sad.    

She asked why.
I explained, "Because the baby hasn't come yet and I want the baby to come".  
"Well", she replied, "you have to wait".  
I agreed.  Then she continued:
"You have to be patient, Mom.  Patient is when you wait for something."

I just love when the Lord speaks to you through your children.  
41 weeks

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