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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making Room for Baby

Well, since we are expecting a third lil blessing fairly soon, we have been looking to find a larger vehicle.  We almost did this when I was pregnant with Kaylee but then realized it was very doable to drive our Malibu with just two kids.  Plus the car was paid off.  So we waited.
a little over two months before Kaylee was born
I'm not certain if our Malibu can handle three car seats in the back.  It is a fairly roomy vehicle.  But we have decided now we would like to get a larger vehicle.  

So we listed our Toyota Corolla for sale on various sites.  We asked people to spread the word.  And in less than a month, God brought us a buyer!!  And he brought us a private buyer who paid what we were hoping to get!! Dealerships had offered us much less.  

I really loved this car!!! So long Corolla!
I had been praying that God would make it obvious that He was orchestrating us getting another car for our family.  He began with bringing a young girl to us via Craigslist who had gotten into an accident (with a Corolla that was a year older than ours) and still had a loan.  The loan officers gave her certain parameters for her purchase of a replacement.  She had a rental car for just a few more days.  And our car fit all the loan requirements as well as her wishes.

It was a bit weird, but she actually didn't even turn the car on when we met. She briefly looked inside the windows.  That was it.  I guess we look really trustworthy?  Maybe having both girls with us at the time helped.  :)  Septtro and I were both surprised at how easy it was.  She didn't even really try to negotiate.  And because she was still making payments on her previous vehicle, everything took place at a bank - which also happened to be our bank. We got a cashier's check and I immediately deposited it into our account.  

Bye Corolla - we'll miss you!
So now we look for a van.  That's right folks.  I'm just too stinkin practical to not get a van.  And I'm SO excited!!!  

I'm also quite excited to see how the Lord will bring us the right van for our family.  We are still trying to decide which "perks" are most important.  Any of you moms out there have any advice on your favorite things on your family vehicle (doesn't have to be a van)...and possibly things you wish you did have and why??  Ri has requested a blue van with a tv.  Not sure if we will be able to pull through for her on that but guess we will see what God decides to do for us.  :)


JoyBelle said...

Having had a minivan for the past several years - don't get a Dodge. They have a lot of engine and A/C issues. I have a Dodge and I'd really love a Honda.

Okay as far as "perks" I can only go based off my own preferences and my experience. When I get a new van (a Honda, I hope!) I would prefer to have a bench seat in the center so it'd be easier to get to the back row. We have captain seats for the middle row and it's a pain in the rear to have carseats in every backseat and not be able to reach the back row easily.

Otherwise I'm not too picky. Great A/C, electric windows and seats. It'd be cool to have doors that auto-shut and a trunk that was remote-controlled but those are NOT must-haves, just fun extras.

Susan Sene said...

Thanks for the input! What year is your Dodge? We have been looking at Town and Country which is basically the same structurly as a Dodge. We have heard newer ones seem to be better?? And as far as the bench seat, what van has that? Don't they all have captain seats in the second row? I know some Honda and Toyota have an option of 8th seat that makes second row into bench type I think? Is that what u mean??

Thanks for your help!!! I'd love to get a Honda. We will have to see if it works out. :)

The Halbert Home said...

We just bought a 2010 Honda Odyssey and love it. We got the LX model so it only has 7 seats (the EX has 8) but it's soooo roomy. We drove an 08 and liked it too but got a better deal on the 10. My friend has an 02 and she said it runs great. I think the Toyota is comparable to the Honda as well and we've heard good things about those too.

Jen Knox said...

Susan, I love our minivan. We have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country. We bought it used in the fall of 2011.

What I like best are the power sliding doors and power back hatch. Oh, and the stow & go seats are awesome and very versatile. We have hauled a full-size refrigerator in our van (with all the back seats down!). Pretty sweet.

My advice on the DVD player is to not worry about getting a van w/ one already installed. I've heard it's a huge pain when something inevitably goes wrong w/ the DVD player. Then you have to take your van in to be fixed for something that minor. It's probably better to just get a portable DVD player that's cheap and easily replaceable. At least that's what we plan to do when we move!