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Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Almost Here!!

Summer is right around the corner - I can smell it!!!

In the mean time, we have been enjoying the warmer weather as much as possible (even though our well water is quite cold, the kids don't seem to mind!

**this has been especially helpful since I am typically without a car during the week until we find a van**

I got a few new water toys (in addition to the clearance ones I got from my favorite places - drug stores) with some money I got from selling some old baby stuff we don't need anymore. To my surprise, the kids were very much entertained for over three hours!!!  

getting ready to jump into the pool with cousins!

a Walgreens deal from last season - on clearance for $3!

sharing popcorn

Let's be real, since we live where we do and because we are still so young, who needs a swimsuit some days right??
These were two for $9 - well worth it (durable and a kid favorite!)

I would actually prefer a pool that's hard plastic.  We tend to go through one each year.  Although I can typically find a new one for a few bucks when they go on clearance at drug stores, it'd be nice to find one that's large enough and cheap enough to last several years.  Any moms found one like that??

playing with cousins

she's really not this dainty usually :)

1 comment:

JoyBelle said...

We're on a-pool-a-year thing as well. I just got a different style pool this year and it is going STRAIGHT BACK! It's not like yours; it doesn't inflate. It has the flat sides that are supposed to stand up as you fill it with water (I think Inex is the brand? It is at Walmart). TERRIBLE! I hate it. I prefer something with sides that will stand up on it's own. I liked the size (8-foot diameter) but the sides would NOT stay up.

So... I'm on the same quest as you are! Hopefully we find something good. I'd love one of those big ones that require the pump, etc. but that's just not feasible right now. Too expensive for us at the moment.