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Friday, August 31, 2012

Life Without Facebook

Tomorrow will be two months since I've deleted my Facebook account.  Several people have asked me in person how "I'm doing" without Facebook - almost as if I'd suffered a horrible loss.  That makes me laugh a bit - inside, of course.  I was obviously very consumed by it and I think most people assumed I'd go through a horrible withdrawal (did you know this word was spelled with an extra "a" at the end??? Not until just now did I know.  Thanks spell check!).

But it's actually been quite the opposite.  I haven't missed it once.

And I have been able to focus on this sweet face more

And this one

And I've realized how my girls are becoming two very different people.  And how it's possible to still love them both with the very same love.
Now when I'm outside with my girls, I'm not constantly on my phone.  I'm more engaged with their play.  I'm physically AND emotionally there with them.
I'm learning my Ri has quite the imagination.  And my Cakester is very determined.

So I guess it's clear by now.  I believe I made the right decision.  I haven't regretted it, not one time.

Although, in the age of technology in which we live, I feel there will always be something pulling me away from what I should be focused on.  Anything on my phone could become just like Facebook - Instagram, texting, Craigslist, email, etc.  What I really have to keep in check is my attitude.  When I lose my joy - the joy in the little areas of motherhood like cleaning crumbs off the high chair or helping Ri go to the potty for the sixth time in one day - that's when I can find myself "running away" to my phone to escape; even if just for five minutes.

I wanna be joyful in even the mundane.  I want my kids to know that they're not just loved, but cherished.  So I hope and pray that God will renew this joy in my heart each and every day.

1 comment:

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I didn't end up deleting mine because it would delete my business page (ugh!) so I'm just trying to stay off there. We're starting homeschool in just a few more days so honestly there isn't going to be time between child-rearing, educating, cleaning and running my business to just sit on FB. I think it's pretty cool; it's definitely gotten a stronghold on a lot of people.