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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Susan

Meet little Susan Steenback - who would later become Susan Sene.  She is in first (maybe second) grade. 

She loves to teach her dolls and animals.  And, apparently, one decided to skip class this particular day.

I'm pretty sure she's teaching from the most important book you can teach from, the Bible. 

Susan has a very bad memory and doesn't remember much of these young years.  She's living in Hendersonville, NC at this point.  But that bathing suit on the floor?  Oh, she remembers that very well.  It was her favorite....Rainbow Brite

There's a silver Snoopy bank on the dresser beside the lamp.  Maybe you can't see it.  But grown up Susan has that same bank, still, on her dresser.

Susan's dressers and most flat surfaces are, to this day, a struggle to keep decluttered.  Yet, now - and even then - things are rarely lost or misplaced.  Organized chaos?

And yes, that's a Cabbage Patch doll on the dresser.  Maybe that's hard to see too.  She went everywhere with little Susan.

There's a lot ahead of Susan at this point in her life.  But right now, things are pretty simple.  So carry on, little Susan, carry on.

1 comment:

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Maybe your Cabbage Patch is the one who skipped class or got sent to timeout, LOL! Cute post!