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Saturday, July 7, 2012


I saw this plaque in a room at a local hospital Thursday (I was getting more information on a new nurse midwifery program - more on that later.  And no I'm not pregnant).

The words just made me think about my Peanut.  For one, the hospital where I went to meet with the midwife was the same one where I got blood drawn to check hormone levels and then ultimately, to be surgically separated from my baby that I never got to meet or say goodbye to.

I do still think about that baby.  I think sometimes I just push away any memories when they start to come back.  It's easier that way - to not remember.  But no matter how many kids I have, my Peanut will always be my first baby.

So if you've ever lost a baby - no matter when - this is for them, and you.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember to write that saying down. I really like it. Remembering all ours that have gone before us and hoping this one joins us here.

Jen Knox said...

That's sweet, Susan. I love that quote. I still think of my baby-that-would-have-been in September 2008. But then I think how I wouldn't have Georgia now, and I can't imagine that at all. It's bittersweet.