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Monday, July 30, 2012

Kaylee Turns One!!

I little over a year ago, Kaylee Aveolela joined our family.  

And just in case you didn't know - or remember - she was my vbac baby!  While the day didn't go quite as planned, the experience was extremely healing for me.  

We had a fairly low-key day planned.  Her actual birthday landed on a Saturday (thanks to Leap Year) so that worked out nicely.  

She's walking everywhere now, bringing me books, playing with her sister, and feeding herself (she loves table food and is only nursing about 1-3 times a day...but usually just once, maybe twice.  And I'm still trying not to take it personally).  

She absolutely loves that tiny pink bunny (aka "lovie") she's clutching in that last picture - so much so that we need to get another so we have time to get it washed between naps and bed time!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!  You are SO loved!!

Check out some more pictures from her one year photo shoot here.