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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a Difference a Month Makes

After "the great flood" this was my living/dining room about a month ago:

This was my living/dining room this morning:

I LOVE the new floors. They're actually laminate but look like we got the look of hardwoods but the durability of laminiate. The Lord was very good to us financially through all of this. Since Septtro did the labor himself, we were able to save a significant amount of money and actually had no out-of-pocket cost. Yes, it was a huge inconvenience but we got a new floor and new washer. :)

In addition to replacing the floors, molding, etc, we had some field mice get into our house. Plus there was a lot of dust everywhere. Honestly, I was a little afraid that we wouldn't get the house put back together by the time the baby came. But just yesterday, I finished my last absolutely-must-do-before-baby-comes task (with the help of my friend Kris and my mom!). I'm so thankful to the Lord for his care for us throughout well as for my parents as we stayed with them for 44 nights before moving back into our house this past Friday.

So...I'm ok if baby girl wants to come now. We're ready for you!

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