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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day to Remember

Today was definitely filled with many emotions. I'm writing this as I sit in my aunt and uncle's house in Pennsylvania. We flew up yesterday - and buried my grandpa today. We leave tomorrow. I can't believe he's really gone. But what a joy to know that he is no longer in pain! He's not suffering. He's not worrying. He's not afraid. He's in the presence of God - and reunited with my Grandma once again.

Today is also a very special anniversary date. Exactly a year ago today, I found out I was pregnant with Rilynn. I remember it so vividly. I had taken a pregnancy test the week before. Here is my post from that day. And here is the post from a year ago today. Oh God's grace!! Oh His goodness!

Tears of joy and sorrow over the loss of my grandpa - sad he's gone but joyful to know where he is now.

Tears of joy and sorrow over remembrance of the loss of my previous baby but joy in remembering the day we found out He created a new life - one that's peacefully sleeping in the room down the hall.

My heart hurts - yet is full. As we sang today at the funeral, "It is well with my soul"


Hepners Blog said...

So sorry for your loss! So happy for your sweet baby girl! And so blessed to hear you say "it is well with my soul". He gives and takes away! But He is so good! Love you all and praying for ya!

Andrea said...

Sorry about your grandpa. :-(

I have never read back on your earlier posts. It was neat to read about you finding out about your pregnancy. I'm so glad your pregnancy ended with such a beautiful baby girl!!!!

Joy said...