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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cooking with Tears

This happens EVERY time I cut an onion. I know there are ways to help this not happen, but I always seem to want the quickest way and the quickest way always ends in tears.

I've even gotten creative and worn sunglasses while chopping in hopes that it would shield my precious eyes. The only thing that did was make it harder to see. And I think I might have scared Suka a little.

I'm thinking this is a good excuse for me to ask Septtro to be the official onion chopper of the house. :)

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Nikki said...

chew bubble gum... it works as long as you keep chewing the whole time! I have the same problem!

The Kauffmans said...

Oh my goodness, the same thing happens to me. And no glasses don't help. ;) I just try to avoid recipies with onions which proves to be quite difficult.

Dulos said...

I wish I could see you chopping an onion with glasses on, haha :) I have the same problem also, and sometimes the smell bothers me so much that I have to run out of the room and breathe fresh air before I gag