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Monday, April 22, 2013


Rilynn started tball this Spring.  I'm not sure yet if she will take to it - she seems to be a lot more interested in the arts, especially marching bands.  But the arts are A LOT more expensive.  So we started with tball.  :)

first game - she chose her number :)
Her games are always at 6pm so that's made it a bit tricky for dinner.  Septtro is coaching track for a few more weeks so game days aren't really my favorite as far as dinner is concerned.  And I'm not sure the younger ones will be as fortunate to be involved in activities so early.  I can't imagine taking three kids to separate fields at different times, much less separate events!  :|
the most important part - snacks after the game (with her cousin)

I'm pretty sure they did this by themselves - sweet cousins!

second at-bat she hit it on the first try!

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