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Monday, January 21, 2013

Handy Hubby

Septtro has been improving a lot around the house lately.  Recently, he got a lot of free pallets.  So he made a new chicken coup.  **the picture below shows it not quite finished.  He put a door on the right side** 

and a fort (or clubhouse as Ri calls it) for the girls -- it's got a ladder inside that leads to the "roof"
The play kitchen out there was free - someone was throwing it away and it was already dirty.  We have since moved it inside the clubhouse.  I didn't have any idea how many cool things you could make out of free pallets!

**he's currently working on a zipline that will attach from the top level of the clubhouse**
I needed somewhere to hang clothes besides my racks in my dining room - not so pleasant when you have company over.  I'm not a huge fan of using the dryer so Septtro installed a rod in the laundry room.  

He put bead board up in our guest bathroom (aka the girls' bathroom).  That poor wall has taken a beating with bath times and potty accidents.  Not to mention the time both of them got into a bottle of shampoo.  It's definitely an improvement and I think it makes the bathroom look bigger.

 I joke that Septtro should have been an engineer. But I mean it.  He built the chicken coup and the clubhouse without any real instructions.  He got on youtube and watched some videos.  But I could never create something like that without specific, step-by-step  instructions.  So thankful for a handy husband!!!  


JoyBelle said...

WAY TO GO man!!! Daniel is supposed to build me an outdoor clothesline and build the girls an outdoor playhouse (side eye my hubby). LOL! Glad Septtro has gotten so much done. That's just awesome!

PS I got your email comments but I got so distracted I forgot to reply! So excited you're going to keep baby a surprise. I got this cool idea to have the sonographer send my sister the gender and then I send her money for clothes (even though we have four kids I think I got rid of a ton, especially newborn stuff). She'll get stuff that she knows I like, keep gift receipts and send the box before my due date (it will be so hard to not peek!) so that we have what we need once they're born.

Sara said...

This is all incredible!! The bathroom looks wonderful. Go, go Sepptro!!

Sara said...

Shoot! I KNEW it was two Ts instead of two Ps in Septtro... sorry! :)

Sheivon Sene said...

Septtro has always been pretty inventive. He is very talented.I am so excited about the new baby. You are such a wonderful mom to my nieces, I know that the new baby will be taken care of.I can't wait!