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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Update

I had my first appointment yesterday.  I've decided to switch providers....again.  Guess I'll just keep going until I find one that I really like.  :)  

I'm seeing a nurse midwife this time.  A local hospital just started a new program last year (this wasn't available when I was pregnant with Kaylee).  So I will be at a hospital but seeing a nurse midwife the whole time.  I am SO excited we have this option now!  They offer water birth too - which is fabulous.  Except that, for some reason, some big wigs at the hospital don't think vbac patients should even set foot in the water.  I asked the midwife what their reason was and she said she wasn't sure and that they haven't really been given a very good explanation.  They're working to change this so hopefully by the time our baby comes, I'll be able to at least labor in water. 
Baby at about 12 weeks
Of course, I was nervous about my appointment.  I was nervous about the baby being healthy, about establishing a new patient/provider relationship, about how open and friendly the midwife would be to straying from standard care.  But it was a great experience!  I really felt like she listened and even agreed with how I feel in general about caring for pregnant women!  Right now there are three midwives and a fourth will be joining in March.  

Everything went great at the appointment yesterday!  We heard a good, strong heartbeat!  It was in the 150s - which makes me think it's a girl because my girls were always around the 150s too.  But...I know that's not a 100% error-proof way to determine the gender.  :)

We don't plan to find out the gender this time.  I never thought I could do that.  But the more I think about and even talk to others who have waited, the more I think it'd be a really fun surprise!

I am scheduled to have an ultrasound next week.  We weren't going to do one.  I'm 13 weeks now.  But I've had dreams I'm having twins.  And so has my sister-in-law.  And I already feel huge (although let's be honest, I always have carried quite large).  So it'd be nice to know for sure.  Plus, the midwife said it felt like my uterus was higher than she would expect for 13 weeks - so she thinks I may be further along than I think; although I'm pretty confident about my dates.

So we'll see.  Ultrasound is a week from today at 8:30.  It will be fun to see the baby!  I had early ultrasounds with both my girls so it will be nice to have one for this one too!  

P.S.  I am hiring a doula for this birth.  She's already worked with these midwives and done vbacs with them as well.  So, overall, I believe it will be a much less stressful experience than last time.  Here's her website.  She rocks. **don't know what a doula is or what they do?  click here

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JoyBelle said...

YAY!!!!! I, obviously, have no issue switching around either. LOL! I had a natural birth, in a hospital, with a CNM (Zoe's birth). It's going to be awesome for you!!! And my CNM told me they didn't let mommas birth in the tubs there but then she whispered "Some nurses don't care and there's not much you can do if momma just starts pushing in the water!"

Hopefully you can get in the water if that is what you want. Whoever filled the tub (I didn't get a room with a whirlpool because those rooms were taken; I just got a regular-sized tub in a regular room) made the water way too hot so the room steamed up and I couldn't breathe.

Well when pregnant with Judah I took a Water Birth class at the birth center and they said the temp should not be over 100F or it's too hot. So when I was in the tub at the birth center for Judah's birth and noted the difference in temp I know they had it WAY too hot at the hospital for Zoe's birth. So just a heads-up so that if you want to be in the water you'll know so you can stay in longer. Then again hopefully they already know that. I don't know what the nurse was thinking at the hospital I was at but she may have been newer or something.