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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blacked-eyed Ri Ri

So it's not bad, but Ri does have a black eye - her first. It's her left eye. If you look closely, you can see the bruising on her eye lid.

It happened Monday evening. We were reading our story before bed and I saw a mosquito. I got up to squish it and Ri walked right in front of me, tripped over my foot, and hit her head on her humidifier (she was going over to turn it on because we let her push the buttons to turn it on before bed). At first, I looked her over and saw no bumps or bleeding. But a minute later, I noticed a small cut near the corner of her left eye - which was bleeding a tad - and a bump started to appear. Thankfully, she was really good at allowing me to hold some ice on it to help with the swelling.

The next morning when I went to get her out of bed, I was expecting her entire eye to be black. But it actually looked fairly good. Praise God for His protection! If she had fallen a few inches differently, she could have injured her actual eye on the corner of the humidifier.

As small of an injury this turned out to be, I still felt awful for her. I know there will be more. Just goes to show I am not ultimately in control of her safety - God is. How humbling to realize no matter how much I try to keep her from getting hurt, I cannot prevent it; only help her through it when it does happen - and to thank God...because it could always be much worse.
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Joelle Turner said...

Kru has the same cut on his left eye!!! But he didn't bruise. Sunday he fell and hit the corner of a duplo block, so it wasn't a hard or very painful incident, but just split his skin a little. It looks just like Ri's!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I cannot tell you how many bumps and bruises we've got around here. I'm always afraid someone is going to assume the WRONG thing! But kids, curious little creatures, get into all sorts of stuff. The most recent bruise was on Abigail's cheek. We have an antique sofa and chair set in our front room and there is decorative wooden trim along the arms. She somehow tripped AND smacked her face on it and then landed face-first on our hardwood floor.

Kids! LOL! She had a good cry but was fine after I distracted her. That's my best tip - distract them, especially if there's blood.