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Friday, October 1, 2010

I'll Poke You in the Eye!

Ri's birthday was Saturday and EVERYBODY was here to celebrate!!  It was so nice to have everyone together.  Brynnen and Rilynn got to play together often.  A few things about this video:

1.  We need to work more on Ri's desire to swat others in the face

2.  I hope in the future the girls will be ale to play together nicely

3. For some reason, Ri got her feelings hurt at the end of the video and her eyes started tearing up.  This was very difficult for her Daddy to witness.  :)  But I love how much he cares about her! 


Anonymous said...

I realized after watching this video that I mispronounced her name in the diaper video! :-D (RI-LYNN ... I'm country. I can't help it!)

Shirley Sene said...

Aw, my lil nieces :) love them so much!! it was great to see everyone. SO glad I was (finally) able to make it. They're both so active now, its crazy!!

Hepners Blog said...

Awe! I loved it! They are both so beautiful! Can NOT wait to meet Rilynn SOON!!!