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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review - A Christmas Prayer by Amy Parker

I got this book free in exchange for a review from Anyway, so here goes:

This is a book that has a simple rhyme on each page of several elements of Christmas. I love that the pages are baby friendly. Considering Ri is only a year old, she would tear normal pages. They're thicker and more cardboard-like. The outside of the book was kinda puffy, making even more for a baby-friendly book. Ri really loved turning the pages herself. :)

Each page goes over one element of Christmas - angels, Jesus, Mary, etc. It's really a very cute book and very simple, rhyming words. I just kinda wish that the book went into a little more detail. But I guess for a smaller child, this is really all they need.

Overall, it was a very cute book. The illustrations were really neat - like a sketch almost. I think we will probably bring this book out at Christmas. Who knows, maybe it will become a favorite?!

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