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Monday, August 16, 2010

Pox of the Chicken Kind

So Friday morning when I changed Ri's diaper, she had several red bumps.  I thought they were bug bites but then more appeared.  Then they appeared on her face, scalp, and neck and have slowly made their way to her back, chest, hands, legs, etc. 

We went to the doctor this morning after I descibed it over the phone and they asked that I bring her into the office.  The nurse practitioner and two doctors looked at her, examined the spots, and asked questions.  The verdict: "Well we're not really sure exactly what it is".  Phhh...great.  They think it could be chicken pox but they're not certain because it didn't start on her trunk like it normally does but then again, they said chicken pox can exhibit itself in various ways with children so young. A few of the bumps did have clear fluid in them but I can't say for sure all of them did.

She had a very low grade fever for, literally, only hours yesterday but that's it. She's sleeping normal and just as happy and active as always. Except the appearance of the bumps, you'd never know anything was even wrong.   

I personally think it is chicken pox but I guess we'll never know for certain.  I don't know of where she could have been exposed except for grocery stores or a few other stores we've been to the past couple weeks. 

At least she's not acting like she's miserable.  The doctor gave me a perscription for an antibiotic ointment but even the pharmacist said she'd hold off on it. (I think doctors like to send you out the door with at least some type of perscription just to cover any and all possibilities.)  So for now, I'll just keep putting my trusty coconut oil on the bumps and periodically check her temperature. 

Sweet baby girl...I hope they go away really soon!

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