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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeding the Lil Bird

This was at my parent's house this past Friday. My mom has us all over for dinner once a week. Yes, very nice!! :)

Emmory doesn't care for green beans anymore. So he was glad to feed them to Ri when they were put on his tray. And Ri was content to be fed like a dainty lil bird.

I think it's cute how Mur opens his mouth when Ri does as he's feeding her. How many times have I caught myself doing that when feeding Rilynn? I guess that's just a natural reaction that starts very early!


lilskrimp01 said...

How cute. They are adorable! That just made me realize I need to add a high chair to my baby registry. lol

Shirley Sene said...

That is SO cute! Aw! Cousin time :) I wish we were closer to our cousins growing up. I hope our kids will have a close bond.