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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I was tryin to catch Mur Mur doin his sign language for "please". But as soon as I turned the camera on, he turned into Mr. Cheeser. Love him!!

Whenever somebody has food, he will do his please sign so much you'd think he was going to rub a hole right in his shirt! It makes me laugh.

If you look closely, he also does the sign for "more". His is a little different that it's supposed to be. It's when he takes his pointer finger on one hand and hits his other hand open-palmed.

I'm hoping to teach Ri sign language too. :)


Joelle Turner said...

That is adorable!!!

Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

Awww, how sweet! : ) My little Abby signed "more" the same exact way & I LOVED it! Each of my girlies all signed "more" in their own little way & it was SO sweet! Baby sign language really is fun & such a sweet way to communicate with each other! You & Ri will love doing it together! We're teaching our Anibella "please" right now! : )

Joy said...

You can definitely start with Ri before she's even eating food! I did simple signs with my older two daughters and they still remember them even though I haven't used them in years. I'm starting to do signs with Zoƫ now.

I'm going eat and milk and all done to start. When she starts eating more solids I'll throw in drink, more and others, too!