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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nail Biter

I've always been a nail biter...a bad one - we're talkin fingers tips that look like space men with their pinkish-redish space hats on.

Both my friends and family have tried to help me quit. I've tried that nasty tasting stuff you paint on your nails. I've been bribed with presents and money. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop. It wasn't so much I didn't have the self-control (although I do lack in that area), it was more that I would do it without even realizing it - when I was nervous, when I was bored, basically whenever my hands weren't busy doing something else, they were in my mouth - gettin their nails chewed off.

I know it's a nasty habit. I tried to stop. But it wasn't until something else - or shall I say, someONE else - diverted my attention that I noticed, hey, I can scratch my arm without giving myself a brush burn.

All this time, all I had to do was have a baby to stop biting my nails. Man, why didn't anybody suggest that earlier??! :)

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Joy said...

I bite mine, too, but I've had a few times where they got nice and beautiful. My problem is that my nails are so thin that they bend, rip and break so I end up just biting them off. I wish mine were harder!

Lorren said...

I am amazed!! Holy Cow! Are you sure those are your nails? They're really pretty! But I thought Septtro liked your stubby nails :)

Andrea said...

How funny! My sister bites her nails...I wonder if having a baby would help her. Better not suggest it since she just turned 19 and is not even in a relationship. ;-)