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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fat Fingers

I don't remember exactly when I took my wedding rings off during my pregnancy. I think it was shortly after the 20-week mark.

I figured by now, my rings would fit again. Oh I can shove them on my finger, but they look like they're choking the life right out of my poor ring finger. And getting them off, well that's a fun game.

I could get them resized for free under our warranty, but I'm a lil nervous as soon as I do, my fingers will get skinny again and they'll be too big. You know - Murphy's Law. Or maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe they'll never be the size they used to be.

I miss my rings - they're the only jewelry I normally wear (even though I quite like jewelry...I guess I'm just kinda picky).

Sooooo....what's a girl to do??!


Lorren said...

I was the same way- I couldn't wear my rings from about 20 weeks on with Savannah, but eventually they fit again (I can't remember how long after Sav was born, but it was a while). And, to encourage you a little, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my rings are still on and fit perfectly. My feet haven't even started swelling yet! So, it won't last forever!

Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

You could always get fake bling to wear until it fits again! I ended up resizing my ring after my pregnancy with Abigail because it wouldn't fit for an ENTIRE YEAR! Then I started losing weight shortly after the resizing and it was really loose. LOL!