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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

quick update - 37 weeks

**Note: my due date is exactly two weeks from tomorrow but according to the measurements from my first ultrasound, I was exactly 37 weeks yesterday**

I had an appointment yesterday at 11:30. My blood pressure was the exact same as last week - high. But I didn't have any bad dreams this time. I think I was so nervous it would be up again, I freaked myself out again - this time because I was trying too hard not to be nervous. After lying on my left side, again, it went back to normal. But the doctor - who I didn't care for - still wanted to do bloodwork again to rule out pregnancy-induced hypertension. So far, I haven't heard back from the office so that's a good sign. Maybe from now on, I will always be nervous when getting my blood pressure taken. My mom is the same way.

Anyway, we got a surprise ultrasound because they wanted to check the well-being of Ladybug. It was SO fun to get to see Ladybug again. We saw her sucking on her fingers and covering her face - after I said her nose looked pointy...sorry Ladybug, I know things are squished in there. Please don't have a complex the rest of your life now. It really was harder to see everything because she's so much bigger and doesn't have much room left. The pictures we got aren't very clear but I honestly think she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Oh, and she's definitely a girl. I'm glad she checked again because I was a little worried they missed something before. And once again, Ladybug wasn't shy at all when the tech went to take a look. Compliant or immodest? I'll go with compliant. :)

The tech said the fluid levels were great and Ladybug was doing just fine. On another note, the ultrasound gel brought some new stretch marks to my attention. It's on the front side of my belly near my belly button. I'm not surprised. I've gone WAY out. I shall consider it my motherly badge of courage (and secretly hope it eventually fades or I become rich enough one day to get rid of it).

We got our hospital bags packed last night. Her room is almost completely ready. The car got cleaned and polished. Sometimes I get a lil teary-eyed thinking about the day I will finally get to see her face to face and hold her in my arms. My life will forever change and that's scary and exciting all at the same time.


Andrea said...

I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to meet Ladybug. :-) You should post pictures of the nursery. I still need to post pics of Evan's, it isn't even completely done though. lol

Joy said...

The BP thing stinks but you're probably right- just getting psyched up about it when you go in. ;-)

I cannot believe she'll be here so soon.

Don't worry about the stretchmarks! I've got them in the same place, on my hips, brea.sts, etc. They definitely do fade!

Dulos said...

It is exciting and wonderful! But enjoy these last precious days wtih just you and your hubby, and sleep!