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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I first started using cloth diapers when my oldest (now four) was just over a year old.  I fell head over heals in love with it!  It was so fun to find new diapers, especially fun prints.  I branched out and tried several different types of diapers.  And we didn't need to buy disposables.
I didn't feel like cropping the pic - don't judge
 When my second was born, I waited about two months to start cloth.  It was much easier, I think, with babies - especially when EBF (exclusively breastfed) because there was no need to rinse.  

Last Fall, I took a break from cloth diapering.  I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and not feeling so well.  I originally planned to take a week off, then a month.  But then it turned into until my second was potty trained (this past June).  

I had planned to still use cloth with Logann.  Of course I knew I needed to give myself some time.  It wasn't until she was eleven weeks that I started up again.  

look at that cute diaper!!!
After a couple of days, I was done.  For good. 

I, of course, started making myself feel bad.  

- "So-and-so does it and they have just as many, or more kids" 
- "You're going to spend more money now" 
- "You should be able to do this. It's not as hard as you're making it out to be"

etc etc

But my husband was, thankfully, very supportive.  And sometimes, it's worth spending a little more in one area if needed to save a momma from losing it completely right?  :) Plus, I think I'm pretty good at finding deals so now I'll just be looking for diaper deals.  

If anyone out there reading who cloth diapers would like to buy more, email me at susansene@yahooDOTcom and I can give you a list of what's available.  I've already been able to sell a good amount which has already gone towards disposables.  So that makes me feel better.

But I will miss it.  I mean, I won't.  But I will.  It truly feels like a bit of a break up. But I know now this is the right decision for me right now.  


Jeff and Kibbie said...

Same here! Baby #3 has never had a cloth diaper on her bum. For my sanity I realized if there was any way possible we could afford disposables, that was what we needed to do.

Kari said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I play that "well so and so..blah blah" SO glad you can see above that to do what YOU need for YOUR family-- and it might cost a little more...but sounds like it will be priceless in the long run. :-)