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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Final (baby) Countdown

So tomorrow I will be 34 weeks pregnant.  Part of me feels it has flown by and part of me feels I've been pregnant forever.  :)  This is the point of pregnancy where I usually begin to realize that, very soon, I will be responsible for another human being. And I will be solely responsible for birthing the baby.  No going back.  Nobody can go through labor and delivery for me.  Nobody can take my role as mom for me.  Not that I want anyone to, but it's just the reality of how my life will drastically change, once again, very soon.  I feel as though once I finally find and get comfortable with a new normal, things change again.

I keep having dreams about if this baby is a boy or girl.  And what he/she will look like.  Will their hair be curly?  Will I think they're just as gorgeous (or, perhaps handsome if it's a boy?) as their sisters?

I'm so excited to meet this baby - and especially know if it's a boy or girl - but also experience a new personality blossom and see him/her interact with the girls.  

Overall, this pregnancy has been more difficult physically than my second.  I have been told it's because it's the third.  :)  I never did get a boost of energy that second trimester.  I do tend to have a bit more energy now, in my third trimester - which is nice yet I'm a bit larger and more out of breath than if I'd gotten this bit of energy earlier.  But at least I'm feeling pretty good overall.  Don't get me wrong, I still have slight aches and pains every now and then.  And I can't walk up my street without either having a few Braxon Hicks contractions and/or barely being able to breathe.  And there are random times of the day where I just...must...nap!  All great reminders of that little life inside though right?  :)

This pregnancy has almost been equally as stressful as my pregnancy with Kaylee.  Septtro has been working to get courses completed to ensure he can keep his current job (we are now hopeful that will happen but it wasn't so clear before) while also doing courses to complete his Masters Degree that will eventually help replace that income lost from not coaching football anymore.  We are finally done with the stress of finding a new vehicle - yay! - but that was quite exhausting.  And I've had some of the same issues with my new nurse midwives as I had with my last OB as far as feeling bullied into doing certain tests their way.  I won't get into that too much just because I'd like to not even talk about it until after the pregnancy - I'm certain it makes me blood pressure and stress level go up each time I think about it.  But I just get tired of feeling labeled and not feeling heard or trusted as a person who knows how to take care of myself and my baby.  (whole different post of it's own - maybe another time...) Overall, though, I do believe the CNMs have been more approachable than my previous providers.  

On a happier note, we have thoroughly enjoyed having Septtro home with us for the past few weeks.  Usually, when he coached football, he would have to go to weight training a few days a week so he was never home all day, every day.  
at Granddebbie and Papa's pool in Columbia - so fun!!

See you soon my sweet baby!  We cannot wait to meet you!!!

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JoyBelle said...

I so feel for you, with the aches and pains. I could barely walk at the end of this last pregnancy from the pain in my hips and spine. Not too much longer at all for you! Being in pain, even for the sake of baby, is no fun.

Sorry the CNMs are giving you a tougher time. :-(