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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day at the Lake

We LOVE Lake Jocassee.  It's our favorite.  It's the furthest away but we think it's worth the drive.  :)

Yesterday, we went up with my parents.  Septtro works with a guy who has a small John boat so we borrowed that. Here are some pictures from our day:

Ri commonly will ask for me to put Cakes in the crib with her when she wakes up. They are playing a lot better together.

Gammie and Ri heading down to the water. 

 Cakes sitting in the shade with me  :)

Ri taking a kayak ride with Gammie

This baby LOVES the water!!!

It was about 2:00 at this point and the boat ride was quite soothing for Ri - enough that she fell asleep...a pretty deep sleep!

Septtro and I went exploring by ourselves on the boat

Ri is definitely a land lover.  Although she did get brave enough to let Papa help her swim a little.

                                       Cakes' turn in the kayak!

Playin with my girls

She had SO much fun!  And she even napped in the Pea Pod after several attemps - well worth the money we paid when we found it on clearance on Target!  :)


KayK's life jacket was a little big.  :)

Playin on the boat

We explored and found a pretty decent waterfall (which I know you can't see in this picture).

You can tell how far down the lake is.  It's still a beautiful lake!  See all that nasty pollen curled up towards the shore?  Ick!

See that small trickle of water over Septtro's shoulder?  That's part of the waterfall.  Hey it was enough to excite a two and half year old.  :)

She was quite nervous when Septtro first put her up on this rock.  She's a very cautious little girl - like her Momma.  But she got pretty comfortable after a while.

Throwing rocks in the water - one of Ri's favorite things to do.

I love this picture!

I must admit, I was a little nervous how the girls would do. Ri has always been good about sleeping whenever she was tired - wherever she is. But Kaylee isn't so inclined.  But after wearing her out pretty good, she did finally conk out for a while in her Pea Pod.  Both girls were fast asleep on the way home.  We didn't get home until around 9:00pm due to some boat issues but even after waking up and getting baths, they went right to bed again.  It was a BIG day for all of us!  I'm so thankful we got to make these memories together!!

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Kari said...

HOW FUN!!!! Love these pics! :)