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Saturday, August 20, 2011

GiGi's Apron

My grandma made my mom and my aunt aprons when they were younger and while cleaning up, my mom found them. So, of course, we let Ri try it on. She immediately woke up her Daddy from his nap to show him. And I thought it was too cute not to get a picture. But it's kinda hard to get a toddler to cooperate with pictures so it turned into quite an adventure.

At first, she sat down. But the apron just looked like a dress.

Then we tried holding something above her head so she'd at least stay still but the picture didn't turn out very good because her head was tilted up and her hands were in front of her face.

After chasing her around for a while, my mom bribed her with some sweet tea (hey, don't judge). If she would take a picture for me, she could have some tea. But she got confused and started crying because she didn't get tea right away. Bless her heart.

So then I just took a picture of the apron while she was having her tea. :)

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