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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After the mess with our washing machine over-flowing and Septtro's annual camping trip, I wasn't sure we'd get to make the beach trip we had planned. But we went. And I'm SO glad! My friend graciously let us use her house about 5 minutes away from the beach at St. Simons Island in lower Georgia. I must say, I was kinda grumpy the day we came back - knowing I'd lose my husband again daily until our house gets put back together. My mom came along to ensure we could still have some alone time but also not be away from Rilynn for almost a week. It was a lot of fun making memories together!

Our family of 3 - soon to be 4!

One morning after a rain, it was cool enough to ride bikes. The island has GREAT sidewalks throughout the island for bikes and runners and such. It was nice to be able to really take in the scenery and admire all of the unique houses.

I love this picture. :)

On Wednesday, we let my mom take Ri to a small pool/water park that was steps from the ocean. Of course, Ri loved it!

Of course, we HAD to take watermelon down by the pier one evening. Good thing we left Ri in her bathing suit...easy clean up!

Daddy picked a pretty flower for Ri.

Ri much prefered to stay on land than play in the ocean.

One of Ri's many faces.

Walking to The Village (playground, mini-golf, pool, picnic tables, pier)

Watchin the boat with Daddy.

We put a different pair of shoes on Ri when we went out this night and she LOVED showing everybody her "new" shoes.

Last day at the beach.

Worn out after a very fun week!


Photogrl said...

Looks like a great getaway!

Can't believe you're so close to becoming a family of 4! Eek! :)

Kari said...

HOW FUN!!! I love the pic of "one of Ri's many faces" she is so cute!! Glad you guys had fun and got to relax, Cecilia will be here VERY soon! :)