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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poor Puppy

Suka has always been my baby. And I was actually naive enough to think my feelings and affections wouldn't change after Rilynn was born. I still love her. She's an awesome dog. But she's definitely no longer my baby.

Now she's just another toy for Ri. At least she's tolerant and good-natured. I'm thinking if somebody was grabbing my fat rolls like that, I'd be a lil more upset than Suka appears to be.


Hepners Blog said...

I know girl! I could have told you that! I had Millie (my Cocker Spaniel) when Josh and I got together. She was SO my baby! Slept me with, drove in the car with me, whole nine yards. When Dayne was born, she went from the bed to the floor...when Abby was born, she went from the floor to outside. No worries Dog lovers...she is now living with my Mema where she is hand fed!!! But tis true...something happens between dog and man when a baby comes home. BUT...I tell Josh ALL THE TIME that when the kids all move out, I will be getting me a lap dog! :)

Shawna Steenback said...

That's nothing compared to what Emmory does to Tillman!

Photogrl said...

What a sweet picture!