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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Baby Fingers

Ever since Ri was born, I have thought she's had very long fingers. Maybe I just haven't seen very many baby fingers. But I'd like to think those fingers will come in handy as a pitcher in softball...or maybe a middle blocker in volleyball...or even a center in basketball. Or maybe, just maybe, she'll put them to use on the piano.

Whatever she decides to do with those sweet fingers; whatever talent the good Lord blesses her with, I will be at every game - or recital. :)


Jess said...

She does have beautiful fingers...I'm sure she will put them to great use, I can't wait to see what her talent is! She is lucky to have a mama who is going to be there for every game or recital!

Joy said...

She does have slender fingers!!! All of my girls have slender feet and fingers, too. I've never seen other babies with such slender fingers as your Rilynn or my girls. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Shawna Steenback said...

They do seem long, of course I'm used to seeing short stubby baby fingers, so I may not be a good judge :)