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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rilynn's first photoshoot

We had some newborn pictures done of Rilynn last week. She did really well, thankfully, and we were able to capture some great shots!

To see a preview of the pictures, click HERE.

Big thanks to Kelli for working so well with my precious girl - and a big thanks to her family for letting me steal her away for several hours.

I'll let you know when more are available.


Andrea said...

How did I miss her birth!? I can't believe it's been so long since I visited your blog!

Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous!! I hope you and Rilynn (I love her name, btw) are doing great. If you ever want to talk just email me at christmasinmarch {at} gmail {dot} com

Joy said...

Gosh she did an amazing job!!! And she's so stinking cute I can't believe it!!!

The Kauffmans said...

LOVE the pictures! I'm glad you told me they were on there today. So cute!

Nikki said...

Susan, I am so jealous of your pictures they are great! I'm so thankful that Rilynn did so well and that Kelli was able to capture that sweet little girl :)

Katie said...

those pictures are awesome! kelli is super talented. and your little girl is BEAUTIFUL!

Holly said...

The pics are AMAZING!!!